How To Move Business Forward In Just 1 Hour Per Week

You gotta know your one thing.

I know how exciting it is to be a visionary woman like you. We see the big picture, we know we're capable of so much, and we want it all yesterday.

But we're dealing with our biggest nemesis: time and attention. And, most likely, you have little people around you now, a lot more than you did before COVID19.

Here are the four things that I do that have allowed me to grow my business. 

#1 - Know Your One Thing

For the first six months of my business, for one hour a week, I would walk up to the little coffee shop close by my home. It was on Thursdays at 1:00 PM and I had my mother's help to come and be with my kids while I was out.

I was able to actually launch and grow and monetize my brand new coaching business working just this one hour a week. Sincerely.

Today, of course, I work many more hours, but with everything going on (COVID), I'm leaning back on this to reduce my work hours to only 10 hours a week of actual appointment times. This allows me to accommodate my kids being home and being homeschooled. You can too.

Whether you're just starting out or you're running a multiple six-figure or seven-figure empire, you can do this.

You've got to know your one priority so that when we're crunched for time, the way to move forward is to not try to do it all, but focus all of your energy on that one priority.

We don't want to, as Kate Northrup says, have the 'fine mist' setting on your hose.

You want to do put on the power spray setting so we actually get results.

I want you to do a brain dump to look at all the things you're working on and all the things you want in your business. If you were to guarantee only one of those was going to happen this year: 
  • Which is the most urgent
  • Which is the most meaningful to you
That's your one thing, nothing else gets to take your attention and energy in your business until that one thing is done. 

#2 - Be Present

Once you have your one thing, look at your year. I look at all the things that are scheduled and I got really honest with myself.

What's my one thing?

Everything else clears off my to-do's until my one top priority is fully completed. I quadrupled my revenue by doing this. 

There's nothing like outside circumstances to help us get urgent and honest about what matters most. Then we need to focus on that and be present. No multitasking.

Any other recovering multitaskers out there?
 I'm the Queen of Multitasking, but it is a horrible habit and we have to stop.

How do we do this? Nothing is as frustrating as being with your kids when you're trying to be mompreneur! But being at work and thinking about your kids just doesn't work.

Solution: a schedule. You've got to actually schedule your time on your calendar and have systems in place to be with your children. Even if it's one hour a week to work on your business.

Schedule your work time and start to practice the habit of journaling and tracking what you're going to work on when you're in that hour.

When I'm with my kids - like last night we were drawing and watching watercolor tutorials - I have all these ideas come up. I keep my notebook with me at all times so I can write my ideas down, I highlight things, knowing that I can go back to them later.

It's not to say "don't think of your business" at all, but have a place to channel that inspiration or any ideas in a way that doesn't conflict with your kids when you're with them.

👉🏻Be present when you're with them.
👉🏻Be present when you're in your self-care.
👉🏻Be present when you're working.

It's a really important habit.

#3 - Clock in, Clock out

This is something I made up myself. I used to visualize that I was clocking in and clocking out for things like an employee.

If I am an employee of my vision, how would I show up? I would clock in for the job, focus on it, then clock out.

Clock in and clock out for the things in your life. When you have that one hour a day or two hours a week or whatever it is, maybe you have more time to work on scheduling it and decide beforehand what you're going to be working on. You're like an employee to your business, showing up ready to work.

So what we're going to spend the time on during our one work hour that we need to have crystal clear clarity on. That's the biggest thing. I've seen women wasting a lot of time not being clear. 

Then schedule on your calendar what you're working on and when you're working on it so then when the time comes, you can simply clock in and clock out. 

#4 - Accountability and Tracking

Many women do these first three steps and then they get to that two-hour time chunk or six-hour time chunk that they had scheduled and they're like: "Oh, I don't have the energy." or "does it even matter?" or "oh, that pile of laundry is calling me".

How do we hack the system and have accountability?

Let someone know in your life, an accountability buddy, a coach, what your system is and message them.

I have my clients do this with me. They message me. I know that Jody, who has four kids, works Tuesdays 10-6. That's her one day per week that she dedicates towards her business. I care and keep her accountable.

Have someone who cares about what you're working on so that you don't slip off. Have someone in your life who can hold you accountable for this.

Using Jody as an example, we have a Google spreadsheet and she has all of her Tuesday workdays for the whole year marked down and she actually tracks it. She optimizes her spreadsheet by tracking what she focused on during her work hours and keeping notes about what worked for her and what didn't.

What's amazing is that she's tracking her progress towards her bigger vision, her one thing, so that she really can acknowledge that although she can't spend all her time moving this business vision forward, she is making progress and that allows her feelings of "overwhelm" to diminish and her peace of mind to grow. She has that belief of "I'm going to get there eventually."

What about you? Do you struggle with prioritizing, being clear, or staying accountable?

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