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Using Emotions To Fuel Business Growth | Hot Seat Coaching with Jane

Sometimes we can find ourselves stalled in our business, and it seems like everything is working against us. We are taking all the right steps, we take action, but yet it seems like we can't make traction. 

Then, add the catastrophe of the Corona Virus pandemic. 

In a recent hot seat...
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How To Move Business Forward In Just 1 Hour Per Week

You gotta know your one thing.

I know how exciting it is to be a visionary woman like you. We see the big picture, we know we're capable of so much, and we want it all yesterday.

But we're dealing with our biggest nemesis: time and attention. And, most likely, you have little...
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How To Create A Signature Talk


Your own signature talk is one of the most valuable tools you can have in your business.


When you know how to communicate clearly with intention and the end goal in mind, making money becomes so much easier!


For help deciding on your Signature Talk title, tagline and approach, book...

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How To Prepare For A 6 Figure Launch


How To Prepare For A 6 Figure Launch or Sales Cycle. 

What we cover in today's training:

Part 1 

  • Define your desire
  • Declare it
  • Choose to receive
  • Pick A Plan
  • Work it until you get there


Part 2

  • Ideal client clarity
  • An irresistible offer


Now you're ready to make 6...

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