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Sacha Sterling, Founder of Shoestring Budget Marketer

We've entered a golden era for women in business. It doesn't require a lot of resources to get started but you need a plan that's proven to work for the Information Age to succeed.

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Our vision is a world in which women are financially secure and emotionally fulfilled. Explore our no cost, low cost and higher end programs, services and events to meet you where you are on your journey.

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Turn your expensive hobby into a profitable business with the Shoestring Budget Marketer Method.

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Build a business plan you can trust around your brilliant idea with Sacha Sterling's Signature Program Thrive Virtual.

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"Working with Sacha Sterling has completely changed my life!"

Darcy Iverson
Darcy Iverson Love Coaching

"One of the best things I've ever done to hire her as my coach."

Jessica Drewek
Jessica Drewek Coaching

"Update! I did another $10k this month making it a $19k month!"

Lisa Simone Richards
Publicity Expert

"I love Sacha, she is so giving and focuses on getting you answers in your business."

Heidi Easley
Texas Art & Soul

"I feel genuinely cared about and feel so good having someone on my side, on my team who has my back."

Trudy Stoner
Radical Joy For Women

"This call was worth $10,000! Exactly what I needed. Iā€™m pumped!"

Susy Kilby
Susy Kilby Coaching

"If you are serious about starting an online coaching business, Sacha has the expertise and strategies to get you the results you want."

Pi Venus Winslow
Full Venus Wisdom

"Thank goodness I started my business before I thought I was ready."

Summer Peterson
Body Soul Shine

"Sacha gave me the confidence to believe in myself."

Penny Norkett
Visibility Coach

"Sacha is a woman to watch this year! One of the best mindsets on the planet."

Shanda Sumpter
Heartcore Business

"Wise beyond her years, Sacha is a woman who will leave a profound mark on this world. That I am certain of!"

Crystal Andrus Morisette
The S.W.A.T. Institute


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